Frequently Asked Questions

I have struggled with my weight and fitness for a long time, how will a personal trainer make a difference?

The purpose of a personal trainer is to provide a specific program based on underpinning scientific knowledge. Each client has an initial consultation discussing barriers, objectives and goals in preparation to beginning training. Once an appointment has been made both the trainer and the client are committed to the program. This continued commitment would ensure results through a continually adapted, challenging and progressive program.

What if I am completely out of shape?

Each trainer works with each client based on the current fitness level of the individual. The advice given is individually tailored to help the client make steady progress towards achieving a higher level of fitness and well-being. Our goal is to offer you valuable and empowering fitness advice, teach you how to safely and effectively choose and use equipment, and to strategize with you on how to build a better fitness routine for you.

Do you cater for people with special needs or conditions?

Yes, personal training is a great option for any individuals who may have any concerns about exercising. Our personal trainers can develop a fitness program to allow all individuals to participate safely and effectively. You will need to complete a medical screening form and get clearance from your doctor prior to starting personal training.

I’ve just had a baby 8 weeks ago. Is it safe to start exercise and is there anything that I should avoid?

Once you are feeling well and mentally ready to start, it is a great idea to get back into a routine. Much of the exercise routine depends on how active you were previous to having the baby. I can take that into account when outlining a routine. I focus on the cardio to shift the extra weight. I focus on light weights for toning. Also, to strengthen the shoulders and upper back which will be used for lifting the new arrival. For the tummy, we can focus on core work to get the abdominal muscles back into shape again. A specific area that needs work is all around the pelvis and lower back. This needs gentle but constant exercise so that your body can get back to normal after the baby.

I'm a little apprehensive about Personal Training; what is a “typical” session like?

Each session begins with a warm-up to prepare the body for exercise. Many of our trainers like to use a standard warm-up that is easy for the client to learn. In fact, we have many clients that arrive a little early and warm-up on their own so they have more time to exercise with the trainer.After the warm-up, the trainer will introduce the exercises for the day and explain what muscles will be worked and why the exercises were selected. The trainer’s role is to create a program that is specific to your goals and ensure each exercise is performed correctly and safely. In addition, our trainers spend a lot of time creating workouts that are not only effective but also fun. We routinely have clients mention that they like working with a trainer because the variety of exercises keep them motivated.

Am i to old to start training?

You are never too old to exercise! In fact the best thing you can do to stay strong, flexible and doing the things you love through later life is by performing regular exercise. A personal trainer can provide a safe, enjoyable way to do this.

Where do the training sessions take place?

Fitnessworx, Tramore Road is a fantastic venue which has plenty of car parking available. It also provides changing room and toilet facilities for your convenience.

Is it expensive?

No! We offer a range of different programs and training options to suit different budgets. We have great package deals that offer great value and competitive prices.

Why should i choose body sculpt?

Here at body sculpt we really care about the client we are working with and their goals,their goals are our goals! We will train you in a very relaxed professional environment. Trainers are fully qualified and if you give them the time they will give you the results.